Good ideas are common – what’s uncommon are people who’ll work hard enough to bring them about. Ashleigh Brilliant

Full Stack Developer | MeteorJS Expert | UI / UX Super Hero | Creating Pixel Perfect Experiences

What I Do

I love creating applications that are engaging and usable and believe simplicity combined with a custom innovative approach to each project is the key to a successful experience.

My Approach

I tackle design & development projects of all sorts and believe in choosing the right technologies for the task in hand. I’m proficient in a wide range of development solutions.

How I Do It

Great designer-developers are a rare breed – part artist, part coder, part consultant. That’s me! My background in design & programming enables me to create pixel perfect experiences.

Work With Meteor

Meteor is a complete open source platform that dramatically improves
the speed, quality and flexibility of building web and mobile apps.
I provide expert meteor development.

Platfarm – ERP Software For Farmers

Platfarm enables agriculture stakeholders to collect, communicate, analyze and report information. Meteor web app with both offline database and offline browser caching supported.

Linkly – Collaboration Around Links

Linkly makes it ease to share and discuss ideas thru links. Linkly is real-time collaboration platform developed using Meteor, MongoDB and external services. Supported both on the web and mobile.

Get In Touch

Have a project or an idea you are working on? Let me know how I can help!